CHRISTCHURCH is getting its very own official MONOPOLY board.

And you are being invited to make suggestions as to what goes on its 22 spaces.

Landmarks from around the town will replace the famous multi-coloured London spaces and streets.

And cards will be themed with the suggestion that players could even send their competitors to Poole instead of sending them to jail.

The town saw off bids from 24 other UK coastal places including Lymington, Lyme Regis, Great Yarmouth and Weston-super-Mare to land the new official version of the iconic board game.

Tokens will also be themed. Out will go the classics like the ship and the race car and in will come new ones such as an ice cream or a boat.

The new game will see the famous MONOPOLY streets like Mayfair and Park Lane give away to local favourites and landmarks such as Christchurch Priory which could possibly be spread over two MONOPOLY spaces.

The edition will be themed in sets ranging from tourism to heritage, hotels to business and education to shopping. The four train stations from the London original classic MONOPOLY will be handed over to a ‘travel’ set, because Christchurch doesn’t have four main lines rain stations.

Afolabi Omotola, Custom Games Executive at Winning Moves UK - who are producing this board under official license from MONOPOLY owners Hasbro – said: "The game will feature the great and the good of Christchurch.

"We would love to hear from organisations and businesses that want to star in the game and also from the public as to what Christchurch favourites and landmarks should feature on the key showcase spaces like Mayfair and Park Lane.

"We studied 25 coastal and seaside places across the UK looking to become the next MONOPOLY location in Britain.

"We wanted to produce a board that celebrates the Best of Britain. More people are staying at home for holidays at the moment and we are delighted Christchurch came out top. It’s a great place to visit with a diversity of things to do."

The new game will be available from March 2020 at all major retailers, as well as online, including Amazon.