NEARLY 200 individuals, residents and interested parties have already commented on the plans to demolish parts of the Royal Bournemouth Hospital and build a new Emergency Department and maternity care centre.

The plans were submitted a month ago and contain the detailed proposals for the new block, multi-storey car-park, electricity sub-station and other works associated with the proposed state-of-the-art new building.

They follow the submission of similar plans for the creation of 15 new operating theatres at Poole Hospital, which will become the area's major planned care hospital if the proposed £147 million new merger of the two hospitals goes ahead.

Many of those commentating welcomed the proposed new facilities.

This comment, from Jasmine Brock of Turbary Park Avenue, was typical.

"Merging these service will mean much better clinical expertise and services for each site," she said. "Having specialists based in the same area would equate to a safer and calmer experience for patients."

Neil Cowan of Bronte Avenue in Christchurch said the clinical services review had had 'wide consultation' with the public and those who work in the NHS.

"The buildings themselves have been subject to countless hours of clinical engagement to

ensure they deliver building which are strategically fit for the future delivery of healthcare," he said. "The buildings will also further improve patient care through the split of elective and

emergency care, avoiding duplication and ensuring the right clinician sees the right patient

are quickly as possible. The application will deliver a health service that we can all continue to be proud of into 2020 and beyond."

However, others, noticeably from the west of the area which will be served by the new arrangements appeared less keen.

Mandy Robertson of Portland said: "Moving these facilities from Poole to Bournemouth will mean more people and more ambulances having to travel further along already very busy roads. "In cases of emergency, this will increase the risk to life and disability. My partner has cancer and travelling to Poole is far enough already. Those on low incomes will find it harder to visit patients."

Jason James of Arne Avenue in Poole objected, claiming the "risk to life is far too high" and said the plans should "concern anyone living southwest of Westbourne".

"Mark my words, you're digging a massive hole that will cost thousands if not millions more in the long run," he said.

People may comment on the plans, which are on the BCP Council website, until August 30.