A YACHT which broke free from its mooring during rough weather had to be recovered by a lifeboat crew.

The 32ft boat was at Parkstone Yacht Club on Saturday night when strong winds caused it to detach from its mooring.

A group of people on a small rib tried to tow the vessel back to the club, but had to call for help from the RNLI due to the sea conditions.

"When the lifeboat arrived on scene they found the yacht perilously close to the break water, just 20 metres off in the extreme conditions," an RNLI spokesperson said.

"The crew made an attempt to attach a tow and endeavoured to secure the yacht and bring it safely away from danger. The rib was okay and made its own way back to its mooring at the yacht club."

The lifeboat brought the vessel into Poole Quay Boat Haven before returning to station.

Volunteer helm Rob Inett said: "Rough and choppy water can quickly drain even the most experienced sea users of energy and the situation deteriorated quickly. The sea conditions were very challenging with a two-metre swell at the Parkstone starting platform.

"We were glad to get the vessel and person on board secure and safe as it could have been a very different outcome."

The following day, two people on board a 53ft motor boat had to be rescued after suffering hydraulic problems which affected their steering.

A lifeboat escorted the vessel back to a mooring in Poole Harbour.

And at around 8.10pm on Sunday, lifeboat crews from Poole were called to reports of a dinghy that had washed up by the RNLI College.

A search was carried out for anyone that could be in the water.

The crew found the casualty, who had been taken aboard a yacht moored nearby.

An ambulance was called for the casualty, who was taken to hospital.