A MAN who downloaded indecent images of children at the home he shares with his young family told police he was 'curious' about the pictures.

Andrew Hepburn, 58 and of Green Road in Poole, had images in categories A to C, as well as 12 extreme pornographic images featuring animals.

On Friday, he appeared at Poole Magistrates' Court to admit the four charges against him.

Prosecutor David Finney said police visited Hepburn's home on April 3 after linking his IP address to the downloading of child abuse photographs.

The defendant was not at the property, although his wife allowed them into the address.

Officers found a computer in the living room which was used solely by Hepburn.

"The defendant was called and asked to return home. When he arrived, he was arrested," Mr Finney said.

"He said, 'It had nothing to do with me'."

During an initial interview, Hepburn said he had never searched for the images himself. However, police found evidence on the computer that he had specifically sought out images of children.

The defendant later admitted he first saw photos of children being abused around a decade ago, although said he had no sexual interest in children, the court heard.

"In a second police interview, the defendant admitted searching for the images," Mr Finney said.

"He said the reason for this was curiosity."

The defendant was committed to Bournemouth Crown Court for a sentencing hearing in September.

Magistrates warned him to visit a police station within three days of the initial court hearing to register his details, including his name, date of birth, address and National Insurance number.

Leah Dillon, mitigating, asked for the Probation Service to prepare a pre-sentence report.