How often have you heard: "I'm going vegetarian to help the environment?"

Well, you may be about to hear it more following a new study this week.

The latest report from the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) argues a major shift to vegetarian diets around the world is necessary to keep global heating under two degrees above pre-industrial levels.

And while they don't go as far to say everyone should be vegan or vegetarian (to the relief of livestock farmers everywhere), they do say more people could be fed using less land if individuals cut down their own meat consumption.

If you're planning on cutting out meat entirely, or just trying to increase your meat-free days and plant based food, Bournemouth's rapidly expanding vegan and vegetarian food scene is on hand to help.

From Mad Cucumber and Twelve Eatery in Bournemouth's Triangle, to restaurants offering vegetarian options to convert die-hard carnivores, there's something to cater for everyone's taste with plenty of choice.

A quick search of TripAdvisor suggests the following places as offering the top vegetarian fare around the town:

  1. Mad Cucumber, The Triangle
  2. Moose Kitchen (don't judge by the name!), Charminster Road
  3. Steam Vintage Tea Room, Poole Hill
  4. Twelve Eatery
  5. Ojo Rojo

There's also plenty of recipes you can get started with.

Bournemouth Echo:

This is one of the bestsellers at Twelve Eatery in Bournemouth