WELL done to the Bournemouth Daily Echo for highlighting the problems with the cashless parking machines in the town.

Last year a Bournemouth councillor stated that 40 per cent of people now prefer to use cards, so, how about catering for the 60 per cent who prefer cash?

Not everyone, for whatever reason, can use the buses to go into the town centre, and if going to a show in the evening is quite likely to find there isn't a bus running late enough to get back home.

Wimborne had the right idea when it installed parking meters that take cash or card thus catering for everyone. It has some lovely shops and the Tivoli theatre puts on some great shows.

So, BCP Council, before installing any more cashless parking meters, have a word with Wimborne and find out where they got theirs from and cater for everyone not just 40 per cent.

MRS D A MARTIN, Baker Road, Bournemouth