WHAT a pity that today’s children cannot enjoy the pleasures of yesteryear.

Latest for the scourge of health and safety are the lovely wooden animal sculptures once again on view in the Dolphin Centre.

Years ago, as shown in Echo photos from when the animal sculptures were first installed, children were allowed to climb over and inside the wooden animals.

I suppose the excuse for health and safety reasons are that perhaps children would be injured whilst doing so. I doubt very much if this ever occurred in the past.

Surely one of the first requirements when carrying out a health and safety assessment on something that has been used extensively in the past, is to consider if an accident has ever occurred previously?

If the wooden animal sculptures were surrounded by rubber matting as is used in many playground features, one would have thought it would be possible for children to once again to enjoy this feature.

COLIN MOYES, Harkwood Drive, Hamworthy