AN ALLEGED drug dealer's phone reported to contain evidence of drug links was found by police at Swanage Carnival.

Purbeck Police has offered to reunite the phone with its owner - if they are willing to come to the station to receive it.

"Just pop up to the police station when you're free and we could have a lovely chat about the details on the phone", they said.

According to the force, the phone contains evidence of previous unknown links regarding the sale of drugs.

In a humourous statement with a serious message, the spokesman described how the phone came to be found.

"I am going to put a scenario to you as I would be interested to hear your thoughts", they said.

"Imagine you are a drug dealer. You have a standard dealer burner phone with lots of details about the people you deal with.

"Would you: a) Make sure you keep it in a zipped pocket so you keep all those details safe and just for you; or b) leave it in a loose pocket so it falls out on the carnival field before getting handed to police, for them to see some very interesting details, and establish a number of links between drug users and dealers that were not previously known.

"This particular 'subject' chose option B."

The spokesman continued to extend an invitation to the phone's owner to collect it from the police station.

"If you're reading this and would like your phone back (I guess you do because it is ringing quite a lot), I'm more than happy to reunite you with it", they added.

"Many thanks, Swanage Neighbourhood Policing Team."