FRUSTRATED residents have launched a petition calling for McDonald’s in Christchurch to no longer provide a 24-hour drive-thru service.

Suzanne Redwood set up the campaign after the fast food giant carried out landscaping works in the middle of the night last week.

She said many people living near the eatery went without sleep on nights last week due to the sound of machinery cutting back hedges and trees at the Somerford Road site.

“Everyone around here has had enough now,” said Ms Redwood.

“It is one thing having to try to deal with the noise of people who use the drive-thru and hang around outside but for McDonald’s to organise this landscaping overnight is the final straw.

“They had chainsaws going and a generator. If I went out and started cutting the grass in my garden at 3am, I would be jumped on but McDonald’s just started doing this. They act like they think they can do whatever they want. I do not think they have any respect for the community.”

She said she spoke to McDonald’s over the phone but her concerns had not been alleviated.

Within a day of canvassing residents, Ms Redwood had more than 30 signatures on her petition and she said the community was “unanimous” about something being done.

Fellow Somerford Road resident Tom Byrne said: “The situation needs to be looked at because it affected a lot of people who live along here. There have been other issues with the drive-thru overnight in the past but on this occasion it was caused by McDonald’s and they should know better.”

McDonald’s said they stopped their overnight work when they had been contacted by residents.

A spokesperson said: “Our main priority is to be a good neighbour in the local community and we take this responsibility very seriously.

“As soon as we became aware that this work was adversely affecting local residents, we ceased all further works and will be reviewing schedules to help prevent any future disturbances. If customers have any further concerns then we advise they contact our customer services team.”

Sean Whitney, BCP Council’s public health and protection manager, said they received a report of a noise disturbance at McDonald’s.

A council officer visited and spoke with the manager who agreed the remainder of the hedge cutting work would not be carried out at night.