WHAT a sad and depressing letter from Dr Martin Rodger (July 22); sad not because he is writing it but because he feels the urgent need to write it. It is rather like the Head Steward attempting to take control of the sinking Titanic whilst the captain continues playing bridge.

Climate change is not something down the road to which we can just set targets but is happening right now. Look out of the window, see the BBC weather reports for Bournemouth – the hot dry weather to continue for at least another two weeks. Stand near Castle Lane and note the ever increasing number of cars.

Some 50 years ago, in 1977, I read a book by the distinguished scientist Fred Hoyle, advocate of the steady state theory of the universes. Much of what he wrote was way above my head, but two predictions were spot on: That we had 50 years to sort out the two most pressing problems facing planet earth – getting population growth under control and dealing effectively with climate change – views fully endorsed by Sir David Attenborough in a recent TV lecture on climate change.

The facts are there – but where is the leadership required? Is it coming from President Trump? is it coming from Theresa May or my MP Tobias Ellwood? I think we know the answer – business more less as usual, but being by nature a critical optimist I turn to my recently elected council and ask, nay demand of the leader of the BCP Council, what is being done locally to address the issues raised by Dr Rodgers – or as I wrote in a previous letter wrote “Please mummy tell me what you are doing about it – climate change – and please hurry up. Time is rapidly running out!”

GORDON CANN, Craigmoor Avenue, Bournemouth