A FESTIVAL of stories known as Sting in the Tale will be held at the Priest’s House Museum and Garden in Wimborne next week. Family storyteller Ursula Holden Gill will give two performances on Thursday, August 1.

The first is The Boggarts and How to Trick Them Trail with performances at 10.30am and 3pm. Small gnome-like creatures called Boggarts have been living wild on the moors since before time began; but do you know how to outwit one!?

For centuries the Boggarts managed to exist peaceably alongside humans, keeping themselves well hidden in ditches and hedgerows and appearing only to unsuspecting travellers with the promise of a trick if no treat was forthcoming. But gradually humans over farmed the moors, burnt them, built on them and polluted them with their factories and so the Boggarts got angry and became more goblinesque. They set about sneaking down into town and causing a right rumpus. And indeed they still do.

Quick to shapeshift, slippery in their speech and fast on their humungous hairy feet so their pranks all look like your fault, the stories you’ll hear today won’t only protect you from the wily ways of these halflings but will also teach you how to identify, outwit and even befriend one!

The second is All the World’s a Stage at 1pm. A spokesman said: “With her magical, makeshift, moveable stage Ursula crafts a show that is sure to appeal to all young children who relish snappy, interactive stories, songs and lots of silliness.”

All performances take place in the museum’s walled garden (which will be undercover in the event of wet weather).

The Boggarts and How to Trick Them Trail is suitable for children aged 4 upwards. All the World’s a Stage is recommended for children aged three to eight.

All children must be accompanied. Tickets cost £4 per child, per show and are available from Gulliver’s Bookshop, High Street, Wimborne and online at website wimbornehistoryfestival.org.uk/sting-in-the-tale-a-festival-of-stories/

*The Friends of the Priest's House Museum are holding a free summer garden party in the museum’s walled garden on Saturday, August 3 from 2pm to 5pm. Stalls include cakes, pre-loved vintage, tombola and bottle stall. Visitors will also be able to treat themselves to an afternoon cream tea or a glass of Pimms, while enjoying live music throughout the afternoon. Free entry to the garden party, with the entrance by Wimborne Library.

For further information please contact the museum on 01202 882533 or visit priest-house.co.uk.