A BURGLAR was "brought down" with the help of three workmen, after a startled homeowner caught him red-handed climbing out of his dining room window.

Tristram Booth of Ringwood Road, Christchurch, was sentenced to more than two years in prison after admitting two burglaries, fraud, an attempted burglary and theft.

The 40-year-old was caught out after he tripped an intruder device that sent a text to the homeowner that something was amiss.

This enabled the homeowner, who was relatively nearby at the time, to rush home and catch Booth – a third strike burglar – making his hasty exit.

Prosecuting, Brian Sharman, told Bournemouth Crown Court how Booth was apprehended after breaking into a house at Firs Glen Road, Bournemouth, on June 19, this year.

Mr Sharman said the three-bedroomed detached home was fitted with an intruder device, which notified the owner something was wrong.

"The owner was able to return back to the house in a matter of minutes," said Mr Sharman. "He hears an intruder, went into his dining room and sees the defendant climbing out of a window."

After calling the police and following Booth, who fled on foot, for a short while, he "engaged the help of three local workmen and the defendant was basically brought down," said Mr Sharman.

Police found a necklace in Booth's pocket which had been stolen from the house.

The court was also told how Booth burgled a home in Bolton Road, Bournemouth, on May 16 this year, and stole two Fender guitars, a PlayStation4 and 50 games, a drill, a number of radio-controlled aircraft parts and a drone.

Later that day Booth committed fraud, by presenting the two stolen electric guitars – a Fender Stratocaster and a Fender telecaster – for sale at Bournemouth's Cash Converter store.

Booth also admitted an attempted burglary at Nortoft Road, Bournemouth, on May 15, last year, and the theft of a brass fixture from a gravestone at All Saints Church, Western Road, Poole, on June 23, last year.

While Booth, who has a history of drug addiction, had previous convictions for burglary in 2004 and 2005, the court heard he'd stayed out of trouble since 2012.

Defending, Alejanra Tascon said it was her client's relapse into heroin use that had led to his crimes.

She told the court: "He is desperate to kick this addiction.

"He knows what he has done is a horrible thing and he knows the effect it has had on other people.

"This is a man who has finally held his hands up to what he has done."

Booth, who appeared in court from remand in prison on July 10, is currently working through a drug counselling programme.

Sentencing him to two years and 146 days, Judge Brian Forster QC told Booth: “I hope you have success in dealing with your drugs problem."