TWO WEEKS ago it was unceremoniously shut down by administrators and all the staff sacked. But the former Molly's Den branch of Bournemouth has risen again with the same staff, even more traders and a new name - The Den.

New owners Megan Noble and James Irvine threw an opening party on Thursday to welcome back customers old and new to the Francis Avenue premises which they renovated in a whirlwind 12 days.

"We've given it a complete facelift, painting the front a lovely dark green-blue colour," said Megan, who used to trade at the original emporium herself.

Inside has changed, too, with the couple clearing out 'a lot of rubbish' and taking the chance to redesign the floor area going for a more industrial look inside the premises, where traders sell antiques, vintage and retro items.

"We've also re-done the till area and we're already getting some great feedback, so much so that the ground floor is now fully rented out," said Megan.

To launch The Den - whose traders include BCP councillor for Bearwood and Merley, David Brown - Megan and James hired the Paddock Bar, a mini-bar in a horsebox to serve visitors a celebratory Prosecco.

The re-opening is a far cry from the despair felt by staff when they learned that M D Emporium, the operator of the failed Molly's Den, had folded after administrators arrived on the site and reportedly tried to close up even while customers were in the building.

Liquidators RSM Restructuring Advisory said at the time it had been instructed to assist in placing M D Emporium into liquidation.

Manager Steve Tydeman said: “We were totally shocked but because we have such a close-knit staff we were saying ‘we have to save this’.” He says staff are delighted to see the business come back ‘in-house’.

Over the next few months Megan and James, who also run an interiors store in Ashley Cross, plan to smarten up The Den's car-parking area and work on any feedback they receive to improve the business further.