IT was encouraging to read (Daily Echo, July 19) that BCP Council has backed a climate emergency declaration as well as a radical decarbonisation target.

I was less happy to read that Conservative councillors tried to add on to this a commendation of the decarbonising work of predecessor Conservative councils and also condemnation of the civil disobedience of climate extinction.

It seems Conservatives still fail to grasp the climate situation we face.

Nationally we hear Conservatives claiming for themselves the outcomes of measures forced on them by the Liberal Democrats during the coalition government while they are steadily dismantling those very measures.

Locally, Bournemouth Conservatives clothed themselves in nothing more than green-wash. The most cynical was their submission of Compact for Mayors compliance which was entirely fake. Indeed, the alleged action plan they submitted was no such thing. It was nothing but a decade-old non-action plan. I hope the BCP Council is able to cancel this fake compliance Compact for Mayors status as it is an insult to those who are truly tackling the climate emergency.

And while our politicians, particularly Conservative ones, still don't understand the climate emergency, it would appear civil disobedience remains necessary and should thus not be condemned.

DR MARTIN RODGER, Bloxworth Road, Parkstone