ELDERLY people are constantly complaining about youngsters playing football or riding skateboards in The Square but in spite of being in my late 70s and not exactly fleet of foot, I never have a problem avoiding their balls and boards and find them invariably polite and considerate.

I would much prefer them getting fresh air and exercise than being glued to a computer screen in their bedroom while some dirty old pervert tries to convince them that he is actually a 14-year-old boy or girl.

My pet hate in The Square is the agencies who receive a fat fee from some of the wealthier charities in exchange for eliciting further donations. One such outfit set up camp in The Square last month complete with a mobile office, comfy chairs and even a flagpole. They in turn employ a retinue of suitably suited and booted young salesman who receive commission in return for signing people up to donate three quid a month for the next 200 years or so.

On this occasion I had the misfortune of having to negotiate The Square four times in one morning. When the same salesman collared me with "Good morning sir how are you today?” for the fourth time in two hours, I finally snapped and told him to go away (or words to that effect). This shocked him into a stunned silence so he had obviously taken my advice to heart.

Personally I much prefer the beggars who barely have the energy to mumble "any spare change please" let alone lope alongside me from Debenhams to WH Smith

GRAHAM CRIBB, Branksome Wood Road, Bournemouth