POLICE and councillors have pledged to do all they can to tackle blatant drug use and dealing near a Bournemouth infant school.

Members of the public have voiced fears that staff and pupils are at risk at St Clement’s and St John’s Infant School in Boscombe.

The school is next to St Clement’s churchyard, an area frequented by drug users.

One person told the Daily Echo: “I’ve seen the headmaster and staff going outside to ask them to move on and I’m worried for his safety.

“The school are having to move off between 10 and 15 people each day. One person was injecting into his groin in broad daylight at about 3pm just before school pickup.

“Children leaving school to walk home unaccompanied are having to walk past dealers and users in the lane who blatantly don’t care.”

Head teacher Andy Poole said: “Staff at St Clement’s and St John’s Infant School make sure that, if we witness what seems to be anti-social behaviour near our school, we ask anyone participating in such behaviour to move away from the vicinity of the school.

“We also make sure that we report any instances of such behaviour to the police.”

Boscombe West councillor Jane Kelly said the local authority works closely with the police to tackle drug-related problems in the area.

She said: “I am absolutely devastated to hear this - it is not something we want our children to be subjected to.

“It is happening in various places in Boscombe and our neighbourhood police team are doing everything they can.”

She urged the public to report any instances to the police and added: “Unless we constantly report it, our police will not be able to do anything about it.

“They don’t rush out to every report but it helps them to build up a picture, which is the most important thing.

“We are fighting this all over Boscombe and I am so sorry it is happening around that school.”

Mr Poole added: “We run a really great school, full of exciting learning and wonderful children who are eager and engaged to achieve their best.”

Inspector Richard Bader, of Bournemouth East Neighbourhood Policing Team, said his officers are aware of reports of drug dealing in the St Clement’s and St John’s School area of Boscombe, and that they have liaised closely with the school.

Mr Bader added: “As a result of reports received, we have taken positive action and directed high-visibility patrols toward the area where officers can be approached with any concerns.

“We and our partners are working hard to tackle drug-related crime and would encourage members of the public to come forward with any specific information they have regarding drug offences in their community.”

“Drug dealing is not tolerated by Dorset Police and any information you give us can help to build a wider intelligence picture for the area.”