DORSET’S speediest driver of 2018 hit 127mph – and the top five fastest were all caught on one of three roads, it has been revealed.

While the fastest motorist was spotted on the Tolpuddle Bypass, two drivers hit top speeds of 119mph and 120mph on the Puddletown Bypass. Both have a 70mph limit.

The A3049 Dorset Way in Poole also attracted two drivers who hit 120mph. The road is subject to a 50mph limit.

All of the fastest drivers caught by police last year were men. They have an average age of 53.6. The youngest caught was 42, and the oldest was 67.

One of Hampshire's fastest drivers was snared motoring at 118mph on the A31 through the New Forest.

In 2017, 50 drivers were caught speeding at more than 100mph in Dorset. The figure rose to 61 last year. The statistics were released by road safety charity Brake.

Joshua Harris, director of campaigns for the organisation, said: “There is absolutely no justification for any driver to be travelling at such excessive speeds – more than twice the national speed limit in some cases – and putting themselves and others in grave danger.

“The number of drivers caught speeding at over 100mph highlights some deeply concerning issues with speeding across the country and makes clear the need for action. Anyone caught travelling at such speed should always face a ban – we have to make sure these dangerous, selfish drivers are taken off our roads.”

He said more government investment is needed in roads policing “to provide officers with the resources they need to get out on the roads and act as a true deterrent”.

“The law must also be used to its fullest extent in penalising such dangerous behaviour, making it clear that speeding will not be tolerated,” Mr Harris said.

The Puddletown bypass frequently draws drivers keen to hit high speeds.

As reported, four motorists were caught speeding along the stretch at the weekend. One clocked a top speed of 105mph.

Traffic officers were checking for speeding motorists on Saturday. They caught four drivers “within a very short time” with a combined speed of 382mph.

According to police, the four should have had a combined speed of no more than 280mph.

Sergeant Lee Savage, of Dorset Police's traffic unit, said: “We would always urge motorists to show respect for other road users and to drive within the speed limits and at speeds appropriate to the road conditions.

“Driving at higher speeds greatly reduces the time to react to unexpected events and increases the likelihood of being involved in a collision. We are committed to keeping the county’s roads safe and taking appropriate action against those who put others at risk.”