A HOME in Bournemouth's exclusive Talbot Woods area has been shut by the courts after a series of raging hen and stag parties were held in the outdoor pool.

24 Braidley Road, which was advertised online as The Stag House and The Party House, was let by Canford Cliffs millionaire Max Walker, 54, and owned by Stephen Millar.

Poole Magistrates' Court heard Millar believed the property was being used as a family home, although prosecutors allege text messages between Walker and Millar prove both were aware of its use and had "spun a tale" for the court.

Millar once allegedly warned Walker: "I won't tolerate this anymore Max. This is your last chance – too many hens and stags."

Lee Tharme, anti-social behaviour officer for BCP Council, said problems have been reported at weekends since April.

"There have been large parties at the address – stag and hen parties, although there have been family parties as well," he said.

"These are large gatherings of up to 20 people. There's a swimming pool and a jacuzzi at the front of the property."

The gatherings result in a "massive amount of noise", Mr Tharme said.

"We have had 29 out of hours service calls after 6pm," he told the court.

"As a result of that going on for so many weeks, we sent a noise abatement notice, which was ignored. We then issued a community protection warning, which was ignored.

"Then we sent them an 'intention to close' letter, which went to Mr Walker and Mr Millar."

However, even after the letter was received, further parties were held at the address, it was heard. On one occasion, the house was double-booked, and the second party was moved to another Bournemouth property. Further noise complaints were received from neighbours of that address, Mr Tharme said.

"It's the same people involved [in both addresses]," he told the court.

"They have a total disregard for people."

Noise abatement notices put up at the property by the council were repeatedly torn down, it was alleged.

Johanne Mcnamara, acting for BCP Council, asked for the order to be in force for three months. Walker will be allowed to return to dismantle the hot tub, while Millar can visit to clean up the property.

The order was granted by district judge Stephen Nichols.

Neighbours claim the £1million plus property has been let out to large groups of people since March.

One told the Daily Echo: “It has been a nightmare ever since it started.

"It has been let out mainly to large groups in stag or hen parties and we have had to put up with shouting and swearing at all hours of the night.”

The man, who did not wish to be named, added: “This is a very quiet area normally and it has completely ruined it.”

Another said: “They seem to go out, get drunk, and then come back and carry on partying. A lot of us have small children it is keeping them awake and all the dogs in the area have been barking.”

Residents said petty crime in the area, including damage to vehicles, has increased in recent months.

The property was one of dozens across the area advertised as so-called party houses.

Similar properties still available command rent of around £5,000 per week or £3,000 for a weekend.