A DRUG driver who had one of the highest readings ever captured in Dorset has been ordered to carry out unpaid work.

Oliver James Farnfield, of Hayward Crescent in Verwood, had 15 micrograms of THC – the primary psychoactive ingredient in cannabis – per litre of his blood when he was stopped behind the wheel of a Honda Civic in the early hours of the morning. The limit is two micrograms.

The reading is believed to be one of the highest recorded in the county since new drug drive laws were introduced.

Farnfield, 24, was driving in East Avenue, Bournemouth when he was stopped on December 22 2018.

He admitted drug driving and possession of 13.1 grams of cannabis when he appeared at Poole Magistrates' Court last month.

Magistrates sentenced the defendant to a community order, under which he must carry out 100 hours of unpaid work within the next 12 months.

He was also banned from the roads and ordered to pay a surcharge and costs.

A spokesperson from Dorset Police said: "A vehicle was stopped in East Avenue in Bournemouth at 12.45am on December 22 2018 and a roadside drugs wipe was carried out, which was positive. "The driver was also found to be in possession of a quantity of suspected cannabis.

"A 24-year-old Verwood man was arrested and subsequently charged with drug driving and possession a class B drug."

As reported in April, a young driver was caught drugged up behind the wheel five times in four months – making him one of the county's worst-ever motoring offenders.

Lewis Darby, 24, was arrested on October 17 in Wellington Road, Springbourne, on November 16 in Salisbury Road, Blandford and again on November 21 in Gladstone Road East, Boscombe.

This year, he was caught in Walpole Road, Boscombe on February 6, and again in St Clement's Gardens on February 12.

On the first occasion, he had 55 micrograms of cocaine, 800 micrograms of cocaine’s derivative, benzoylecgonine, and 2.5 micrograms of THC, the primary psychoactive ingredient in cannabis, per litre of his blood.

The limits are 10, 50 and two respectively.

The second time Darby was stopped, he had 2.2 micrograms of THC, 16 micrograms of cocaine and 200 micrograms of benzoylecgonine per litre of his blood. The third time, he had more than three-and-a-half times the limit for benzoylecgonine, while the fourth, he had 200 micrograms of benzoylecgonine in blood, and the fifth, he was over the limit for THC.

Darby, who lives in St Clements Gardens, Bournemouth, admitted seven counts. He was sentenced to a community order, under which he must carry out 25 rehabilitation activity requirement days. He was also banned from the roads for four years and ordered to pay a cost and surcharge.