MORE of Dorset’s worst drivers have been captured by the Daily Echo.

A woman filing her nails behind the wheel was one of those photographed driving along the A338 Wessex Way past the Richmond Hill flyover on Thursday morning.

Moments later, we spotted a man eating from a plastic container with a fork.

He was looking down and neither of his hands were on the wheel.

The man was driving a flatbed truck when we captured his photograph.

Not long afterwards, we saw two female drivers holding their phones to their mouths.

One of the women was behind the wheel of a Nissan, while the second was driving a Ford.

The male driver of a Volkswagen Transporter was then seen holding his mobile in both hands against the wheel.

All of the photographs were taken on a stretch of road in Bournemouth which is subject to a 40mph speed limit.

The Echo has been campaigning against drivers using hand-held mobile phones while driving for a number of years. In that time, we have pictured hundreds of drivers using their phones and featured them in galleries in a bid to highlight road safety issues.

Using a hand-held phone or a sat nav when driving or riding a motorbike is illegal. Those caught breaking the law can be issued with six points or a £200 fine.

Police say using a phone at the wheel is one of the ‘fatal five’ - five things drivers do that makes a collision much more likely. Drivers are urged to either switch off their phones or divert to voicemail before setting off.