DIRTY Dancing – The Classic Story on Stage is back for a five night run at Bournemouth Pavilion this week.

Seen by millions across the globe, this worldwide smash features all the hit songs, including Hungry Eyes, Hey! Baby, Do You Love Me? and of course The Time Of My Life.

We caught up with Kira Malou (Baby) and Michael O’Reilly (Johnny) to ask a few questions ahead of the show.

How does it feel taking on such iconic roles?

Michael: Once you get over the fact that it’s quite a daunting role to take on because it’s so well-known it’s just really exciting. Everyone is so familiar with the show and they’re so familiar with the characters that you’re just excited to do it justice, you’re ready to put in the work and bring it to life.

When you first saw the film, what impact did it have on you?

Kira: I vividly remember watching it on videotape because my mum had it and I remember watching the dance scenes in the staff quarters and I was like ‘Oh my God!’ So I knew exactly how Baby feels when she goes to the resort. It was mesmerising.

What challenges does the show present for you physically?

Kira: I’m a trained dancer, but I have to appear like I’m not. I have to reverse everything I’ve been taught and make it look bad, without making it look like I’m trying to be bad.

Michael: It’s a very dance-heavy show, as you’d expect, but I don’t think I realised quite how dance-heavy it is until we started rehearsals. There are a few numbers back to back and you’re dripping with sweat, like ‘Oh man, we’ve got to go on for the next number’ before you’ve even got into the next costume. Physically it’s a tough show but that’s why we do it - we love that challenge.

* Dirty Dancing runs from July 9 – 13. See bhlivetickets.co.uk