POLICE are urging a driver who drove away after crashing with a car on the A35 to come forward.

A woman in her 20s was driving her Honda Jazz in the outside lane on the westbound carriageway of the Puddletown bypass, near to Troy Town, when a vehicle towing a caravan undertook her in the nearside lane.

After performing the manoeuvre the driver attempted to move into the outside lane, however their vehicle crashed with the side of the victim’s car, causing it to spin and hit the central reservation.

The caravan-towing driver reportedly stopped a few hundred yards up the road and put their hazard lights on, but did not get out and drove away. No details of the vehicle or caravan are known.

The victim was taken to hospital with minor injuries.

The crash happened at around 10.45pm on Wednesday, July 3.

The driver involved and any witnesses are asked to contact police on 101.