A Bournemouth based dog charity are desperately looking for more volunteers and foster homes.

Staffie and Stray Rescue offer support in rehoming Staffordshire bull terriers who have often been neglected by their previous owners.

The charity doesn’t have its own building so relies heavily on foster families to take in these dogs to give them a place to stay while the dogs are given a permanent home.

Calli Byrne, founder of the charity, said: “Its hard to find them a home because of the type of dogs we have.

“You see stories in the news about biting children or hurting babies, but, in reality, they’re just big softies. Bad news stories travels better than good news stories and it has affected how people see Staffies.

“One of the good things about the breed is that 99.9% per cent of the dogs are human happy. The vast majority of dogs are loyal and trustworthy and just want to be around people. They are very excitable but that is part of what I like about them.

“We want to arrange more meet and greet days with people because when you meet one and play with it, you fall in love with it.”

The dogs require vet checks and home checks before members of the charity can intervene and, thanks to the help of SnipeGate kennels in Weymouth, each dog is able to be properly assessed before it is put in its forever home.

Since having a considerable influx of the number of dogs they are having to rehome, the charity is looking into setting up a specially adapted kennel as they are running out of foster homes.

“Staffies usually struggle in normal kennels so we are trying to get a campaign together for a luxury kennel to house the dogs before we find them a suitable home” said Calli.

If you would like to learn more about adoption, visit https://staffieandstrayrescue.co.uk/.