Fernheath Play Fields have received new equipment, with the help of generous donations from two local businesses.

The playing fields West Howe purchased a new mini tractor and movable goals and netting with the money donated MA Hart and Colmar Construction. The Premier League and FA Facilities Fund and Bournemouth Councillor’s CIL Fund also contributed towards the donation.

Work was due to have begun on the park’s new sports facilities, with plans having been submitted for council consideration over a year ago. Some legal proceedings are currently being sorted before further work can continue on the site.

A spokesman from the Fernheath Community Sports Association, a voluntary group that facilitate the sporting activities on Verney Road, said: “The football teams who use this as their home ground, both adult and youth, make it a popular venue at weekends.

“The volunteers who maintain the site have reason to be very grateful to three funders who together with a small donation from their own funds, enabled them to buy a new tractor and accessories so that the pitches can be brought up to a good standard by them.

“Their thanks go to The Premier League & FA Facilities Fund, Bournemouth Councillor’s CIL Fund and MA Hart, a local Bournemouth business and a great supporter of the charity."

The park is also due to have a revamp of its current sports facilities, which should have started back in May. The current building has said to have been “coming to the end of its life” but, after a delay in construction due to legal issues, it is hoped work will begin again soon.

Michael Rowland, Head of Parks Development, BCP Council, said: “BCP Council continues to work with all parties in relation to the Fernheath Play Fields improvements, including Fernheath Community Sports Association.

“Currently, some detailed legal issues are being worked through, but BCP Council is fully committed to supporting this important community project and we hope work will commence very soon.”