THERE were more prams than can often spied in the busiest of creche foyers.

Spotted were prams carrying oversize babies, some housing cannons, desert prams transporting sheikhs and even prams from Disneyland.

Both young and old, in their thousands, watched a string of displays and races at the Poole Rotary Pram Prix on July 1, 1979.

Some of the four-wheeled baby transporters were made especially for the occasion, while others were decorated to fit a theme.

There were three races; one each for women, under 16’s and a third open to all adults which was held over a half mile course with obstacles.

The under 16s race in formula three was won by a group of newspaper boys competing under the name of Martin’s Morning Round. They group consisted of three Poole teenagers – Mike Toogood, Andy Elliott and Paul Pirrie.

All three lads were newsboys at Martins newsagent in Canford Heath.

Radio Bedside where the first women over the finish line, while the winners of the main race were Shaftesbury Rotaract Club.

Races for the 55 teams were alternated with sideshows including a veteran car parade by the Wessex Vehicle Preservation Society, an exhibition of radio controlled planes and a display from the South Coast Majorettes.