IN reply to Mr Keith Dale (Letters, June 26), how I agree with you sir.

Public houses anywhere in this country should not allow children into this environment, any more than allowing animals in to any eating area within their opening hours.

Long gone are the days when adults could spend time and eat out in any hostelry in peace and quiet, for any reason.

If parents are unable to control their offspring, today, they have supermarkets, off licences to take home their purchases for the families’ enjoyment and as for breastfeeding in a bar or any public place, I find it disgusting and an affront to everyone.

I wholly agree with you. What happened to principles?

Having worked for many years in licensing and other trades, I am appalled by today’s fall in standards.

My own upbringing was very severe and we obeyed laws. What happened to these standards?

Many years of my life were passed in public entertainment and service and I am appalled by behaviour in 2019.

I hope you can find a tranquil place for a decent, quiet evening.


Clayford Avenue, Ferndown