WHAT do you do when the heat is on but you need a caffeine hit? Suzi Dixon tried iced coffees throughout Bournemouth, Boscombe and Poole – here are her six of the best.

1, Espresso Kitchen. Simply add 20p to any of the vibrant Espresso Kitchen blends to have it ‘on the rocks’. Their flat white is brewed in Australia and New Zealand and has a real kick to it (from £2.80 for an iced flat white).

Or, avoid the caffeine and opt for refreshing Victorian-style Lemonade or Ginger Beer (£2.70).

2. Shakeaway. Not just for kids! Order their regular Sandy Steve (£4.49) for coffee over iced mixed with crunchy Maltesers. Get a sugar and caffeine hit all in one!

I also love their 100 per cent fat-free yoghurt (£4.49), available in a variety of fruity flavours. The Summer includes berries and strawberry sauce. Delicious.

3. Flirt Cafe Bar. I usually have a Bubble Tea at Flirt but I’ve been converted by their iced Americano coffees with hazelnut syrup.

They are also running outdoor BBQs throughout the summer where you pay just £5 for a beef or vegan burger and a beer. Add a double espresso to perk you up after a day at the office. See facebook.com/FriendsAt Flirt for prices and special events.

4. Cafe Boscanova. My favourite place in Boscombe, hands down. It just oozes cool and is a great place to start the day, with an iced coffee (£3.20) or my favourite Green Giant pick-me-up (£4.50, apple, kale, lime, agave).

This is also a great place to go for food, and the menu contains some amazing vegan and vegetarian meals. Follow them on Twitter @CafeBoscanova.

5. Jimmy’s Iced Coffee. A real Bournemouth success story, if you’ve no time to linger in a cafe, head to the supermarket and pick up a Jimmy’s. I loved the new Jimmy’s Flat White, available in a recyclable can, perfect for beach days or a workaday pick-me-up. Or go for the Original, just £1.60 in Tesco.

6. Pret a Manger. Now offers a new cold brew from Peru. Brewed for 14 hours using single origin beans from Peru served over ice. You’ll also get 50p off any barista-prepared drink when you bring in a reusable cup.