THE Rhythm of the Dance made a triumphant return to Bournemouth last night as the Irish dancing phenomenon celebrated its 20th-anniversary tour.

With stunning vocals, a fantastic live band and a talented ensemble of lightfooted dancers, the show is a marvel to watch.

Taking us from the haunting hills and cliffs of Ireland, all the way to busy New York City, the story follows the journey of the Irish culture and its development and movement around the world.

Ironically, the most impressive part of the show was the music, which the live band and singers performed with gusto and energy, getting the audience clapping and singing along with the songs.

The impressive lighting design added to the dramatic music and dances, creating lightning during the intense storm dance from the men. The awe-inspiring Storm dance was performed entirely without music, just the rhythms from the shoes. It was electrifying to watch the movements of the dancers.

The mixture of soft and hard shoe dances allowed the talented principal dancer, Amy Marie Prior, to showcase her talents on stage. She commanded the stage and never let her energy or poise slip.

A notable dance was the broom dance, where Prior joined the male ensemble with brooms and mastered tapping while sweeping and moving the brushes under their legs.

After the interval, the dances take a jazzy turn, as the Irish emigrate to New York in the 1920s.

The iconic photograph of workers sat eating their lunch while building the Empire State Building is projected onto the back of the stage. Meanwhile, the dancers' harsh and strong rhythms sound like the running of machines in contrast to the soft and gentle dances earlier.

The mash-up of Irish dancing and Charleston is incredible to watch, and the dancers capture the essence of the 20s wonderfully.

The final dance had the audience leaping to their feet for an encore, leaving no doubt that this show will continue to entertain audiences for years to come.

Whether you enjoy great dancing or great music, The Rhythm of the Dance will entertain and uplift every member of the audience.

The Rhythm of the Dance is on tour around the UK and is on at Weymouth Pavilion, Tuesday, July 16. Tickets available at rhythmofthedance.com.