COUNCILLOR Andy Hadley says that parking charges will be "harmonised" across the three towns, but says he doesn't know whether that means increases or decreases ("Parking nets £14m profit for BCP area", Echo 1st July).

We who use parking spaces in Christchurch are in no doubt that BCP Council will try to increase those charges to generate more income.

Currently the charge is £1 for two hours and the high street is thriving, contrary to other parts of the conurbation.

When charges were rationalised in this way, parking income increased.

Increasing charges will result in lower footfall with its negative consequences and reduced parking income.

Any increase will be another consequence which local residents feared when they voted by 84 per cent against the merging of councils.

We have to maintain the viability of the high street and that means leaving the parking charges as they are.


Clowes Avenue, Bournemouth