I WOULD like to put on record that I am very glad to see that Bournemouth Air Festival is now it seems being discussed in council circles.

I do not see how any town or council can any longer justify four days of aircraft flying over beaches, and our towns, when the country is now supposed to be in a state of "climate emergency".

Every aircraft is pouring out who knows how many kilograms of carbon and sulphur into the atmosphere and all this adding to world climate pollution.

I think it is appalling. And even if we were not in climate emergency there is the enormous roaring from the jets. Huge noise pollution, and what grieves me hundreds in our towns condemned Navitus wind farm, far our at sea, but how many of the same people welcome jets roaring low level over the beaches?

I very much hope our new Unity Alliance council will look at the whole air display in the round. In the best interest of all of us into the future. As it is it is the hotel tourist industry owners that are the primary cheer leaders. For my money my vote is for the return of a central swimming pool, ice skating rink, fitness apparatus on the sea front, and even better an outdoor swimming pool.

They would all be a huge boost, week on week year round, for all of us living in the Bournemouth area. Not a one-off big bang air display creating tons of pollution.


Alder Road, Poole