A CHARITY is searching for volunteers who can help walk the dogs of an elderly resident in Broadstone.

The Cinnamon Trust helps find dog walkers for people over retirement age and those in the latter stage of a terminal illness.

Volunteers are needed to walk Bea and Bella, a pair of two-year-old Shih Tzu crosses.

“A large number of elderly or ill pet owners become very worried about their ability to care for their pets, feeling that their only option is to rehome them – this is where our national network of dedicated volunteers step in to offer support enabling them to stay together,” The Cinnamon Trust said.

“We’ll walk the dog for a housebound owner, we’ll foster pets when owners need hospital care, we’ll fetch the cat food, even clean out the bird cage or litter trays.

“All volunteers help in the ways that are most appropriate to them.

“Teams take it in turns to visit housebound owners to take the dog for a walk and volunteers foster pets as one of their family when owners face a spell in hospital.”

Anyone who would like to register or have a quick chat about registering can call the charity on 01736 758707 or email appeals@cinnamon.org.uk.

Visit cinnamon.org.uk