I WONDER whether you’re going to go for a Plastic-Free July in your household this year? It’s not easy!

Like many families, we try to shop with care, buying in bulk or refillable where possible. Recyclable plastics go in the recycling bin of course, bread bags go back to the supermarket for recycling, crisp packets and milk bottle tops get taken for the Win on Waste charity collection, and the remainder gets washed, dried and stuffed in a bottle to create an EcoBrick!

Goodness, it’s all so complicated.

Wouldn’t it be easier if the manufacturers got their act together to reduce the packaging in the first place?

Having said that, when we make the effort it’s amazing to see how empty the black landfill bin is on collection day.

Yes, plastic-free is almost impossible these days but I recommend you try it – even just for one day.


Victoria Crescent, Parkstone