I READ with interest about the 3,000 drivers being 'nabbed' by the recently-installed average speed cameras on the A338 and would ask the question why these were not installed years ago to help protect drivers trying to emerge from the dangerously short sliproad at Blackwater into potentially 70mph traffic?

However, in similar vein, I would question why such a traffic scheme has never been used at Ringwood where traffic emerges southbound onto the A31? As a daily user of this area of road, I witness the section between the lower end of Poulner Hill and the Verwood exit off the A31 being used as a racetrack with numerous near misses from drivers going too fast and changing lanes at the last moment, combined with the added hazard of four exits onto the main road within a short distance of each other. It amazed me how there are not more accidents.

I think this has been raised before but will it take a serious accident before anything is done?

STEVE BEEDIE, Maclean Road, West Howe