HOW times have changed at the pub.

Back in the old days you could have a game of darts while sharpening up your maths on the chalks. Card schools made sure that what you won today you lost tomorrow (while the more staid types played cribbage).

There was dominoes and shove ha'penny, while racing papers covered the tables on a Saturday dinnertime. All played and paid for with real money and viewed through a haze of smoke.

Fast forward to today and a different social environment. Our leading pub chain has introduced an app (I looked it up) which means that physically fit people can order a drink which is delivered to their table by weary bar staff.

In their absence thirsty old punters not familiar with modern technology can stand at the bar waiting to be served.

How long before they're pouring the damn stuff down their throats!? Time at the bar!


Cavan Crescent, Poole