CONCERNS are mounting about the progress of the £381,000 Hamworthy Park paddling pool refurbishment project.

The Friends of Hamworthy Park (FoHP), who have written to BCP Council leader Vikki Slade outlining their worries, say the main contractor left the site three weeks ago and "we have since seen little progress" since.

FoHP have also told Cllr Slade that they have now been told there is a water pressure problem at the pool.

"On a site visit on May 31 we were told that a small amount of joint sealing would be completed, followed by cleaning and water pressure testing," said FoHP. "It was indicated that the pool would then be filled and opened in the first week of June and notices were put up stating it would be open soon.

"With the school holidays fast approaching, the FoHP and the community are increasingly concerned about the apparent lack of urgency and activity needed to get the paddling pool open."

Work to refurbish the popular paddling pool started in February.

BCP Council's Hamworthy ward member Cllr Mike White said: "I share the concerns expressed by the Friends group.

"The pool was originally expected to be completed during April.

"It will be midsummer's day next Monday and we still have no indication when the pool will open."

The work, initially expected expected to take three months, has included demolition and removal of the pool's crumbling base, installation of reinforced concrete slabs and 114 reinforced concrete piles, and relocation of the pool's slope to improve water quality.

The FoHP raised £31,000 towards the project, with the majority of the remaining costs being met through BOP's Community Infrastructure Levy. (CIL)

Anthony Rogers, recreation and community manager for BCP Council, said the pool refurbishment was a "major engineering project" and it was "not unexpected for there to be a few issues".

“The Hamworthy paddling pool a very popular attraction for residents and visitors to the area and we are all keen to see the new pool open as soon as possible.

"A recent water pressure test revealed an issue with the pipe work and we immediately carried out exploratory works to identify the cause. Once these results are known, we will be able to carry out the necessary remedial repairs.

“We continue to work with the contractor and the Friends of Hamworthy Park to ensure this much-loved feature is available for use as soon as possible.”

It is understood Cllr Vikki Slade will be responding to FoHP's letter "shortly", a council spokesperson added.