A NEW Italian takeaway is set to open in Southbourne next week – six months after the court shut down the eatery previously based at the site.

Da Nino will be run by Tracy Di Gregorio and her husband Gaetano, a chef.

The business will occupy premises at 42A Seabourne Road.

Chinese takeaway China Bamboo, which was formerly operated from the address, was closed by magistrates in December last year after health inspectors discovered the eatery posed ‘an imminent risk of injury to public health’.

Mrs Di Gregorio said: “This is really my husband’s business.

“He’ll be making classic Italian dishes, including a large selection of pizzas and pastas. There’ll also be traditional desserts like panna cotta.

“We’ll be able to offer gluten-free and vegetarian or vegan versions of dishes too – customers just have to ask when they order.”

The couple decided to take on the premises in Southbourne because of its location and size.

They have carried out an extensive deep-clean of the building. Electricians are onsite this week replacing emergency lighting and the electric system, which would otherwise have posed a fire hazard.

“We’ve completely transformed it – things were awful but it’s very different now,” Mrs Di Gregorio said.

“We’ve been repairing, replacing and cleaning, cleaning and more cleaning.”

The couple hope to officially open their business on Monday. Although the eatery is primarily a takeaway, there will be some tables for those who wish to eat in.

“We had quite a lot of people asking us if they could come inside to eat, particularly older people,” Mrs Di Gregorio said.

“It’s lovely to be able to offer that to people.”

Da Nino cannot currently be listed on Just Eat because of China Bamboo’s zero star rating. Inspectors must visit the Italian before it can be promoted by the delivery company.

Mrs De Gregorio says she expects this may take several weeks.

As reported in the Daily Echo, a catalogue of problems were discovered at China Bamboo on October 24 last year.

The inspectors found meat was stored on the floor of an outdoor store, where rodent droppings were also found.

There was not hot water for hand washing as the boiler wasn’t on. When it was switched on, it failed to reach a minimum temperature.

Some cooked meat was being stored at room temperature. A defective under-counter chiller was also found.

The takeaway was given a zero rating out of five after a report said cleaning standards were ‘unsuitable’ and frozen food was being thawed at room temperature.

On Thursday, December 13 2018, magistrates at Poole made an emergency prohibition order to closure the takeaway following a Bournemouth council application.

Prosecutors said the combined use of the premises and its equipment involves an “imminent risk of injury to health”.

As a result, magistrates ordered that the eatery ceases to be used as a Chinese takeaway or other similar food business.