DORSET Highways has warned that its surface dressing gangs are four days behind due to the rain holding up work.

Work starting Monday, June 10 in the Bloxworth area was due to start on Saturday.

Work scheduled for the week starting Monday, June 17 will be delayed to Friday, June 21.

The C60/D5404 Bloxworth junction through east Bloxworth to the A35 junction will be closed to undergo repairs from June 21.

It will be closed from Brook Farm through to opposite the Botany Bay Inn, as well as Cockett Hill junction and A350 West End to North Farm, Spetisbury.

Meanwhile, the Pimperne area will face several closures for works, with Arlecks Lane, Down Road and Newfield Road receiving treatment.

Bushes Road from A350 to C13 in Stourpaine will be closed.