ROAD markings on a slip road off the A338 in the centre of Bournemouth have been changed in a bid to reduce traffic queues.

BCP Council has altered the lines on the eastern approach onto the Richmond Hill roundabout to try and get drivers heading down Richmond Hill to use the correct lane.

Council road safety engineering team leader Steve Hoyle said: “We have made amendments to the road markings on the slip road coming from the east of Bournemouth to the traffic lights at the top of Richmond Hill roundabout and at the top of Richmond Hill.

“The left-hand lane directs traffic into Richmond Gardens car park with the right-hand lane enabling traffic down Richmond Hill, back onto Wessex Way or into Wimborne Road.

“This has been done to encourage traffic to use the correct lanes and to try and reduce the queuing time for those exiting Dean Park Crescent onto the slip road, particularly during the afternoon peak.”