THE Ferndown BID organisation is to be congratulated on providing a service for workers direct from Poole to the Ferndown and Uddens Industrial Estates.

It is a pity however that the service is not integrated into the network as the public service between Poole and Ferndown is poor.

The first direct public bus from Poole to Ferndown Town Centre does not arrive until 9.20am which is not much use for full-time workers or schools.

The first bus in to Poole does not arrive until 8.45am.

The works service would fill a number of early gaps in the timetable on the X6 route.

The works service is not well labelled and timetabled information is difficult to find.

Ultimately, it is how well the service is used that will determine if it continues.

Generally service east-west in the conurbation has good frequency, but it is the length of time it takes which dissuades customers.

More bus lanes or perhaps express services would help.

Services running north-south are much poorer.

You need a 10-minute frequency if you are going to persuade drivers to leave their cars behind - the Poole to Ferndown frequency is sometimes every 75 minutes or worse.

There is much to be done by the new local authority but it would help if all the transport funding agencies could pool their resources.


Former Public Transport Development Officer for Dorset County Council,

Merley Lane, Merley, Wimborne