ROADWORKS on the A350 at Lytchett Minster are expected to finish today, Dorset Council says.

The temporary traffic lights, which became a feature for drivers back in December, will be removed sometime this afternoon.

The road, one of Dorset's main routes, was reduced to a single lane in mid December 2018 after a section of embankment was found to have slipped away, weakening the road above.

While inspecting the road a gas leak was discovered, which went onto require emergency repairs by SGN.

Following the SGN’s repairs, the two-way temporary lights were set back up to keep vehicles away from the slipping northbound carriageway during the highway repairs.

Last month, a council spokesman said: "When the new bank reaches the level of the slipped section, the area will be shuttered and the void under the road will be filled with concrete.

"The embankment on the southbound side is also being re-regraded as this side of the road shows early signs of slipping.

"After this, work will focus on installing kerbing, post and rail fencing and verge planting.

"The works area in private fields will then be returned back by reinstalling stock fencing, realigning the existing watercourse due to new culverts, completing various ground and verge work including gate and post replacement, and soil and seeding.”