PURBECK School Sixth Form students welcomed a visit from Mid Dorset and North Poole MP Michael Tomlinson.

The school hall was transformed into a debating chamber, with students facing each other on different sides of the house, taking their seats as ministers, backbenchers and members of the opposition.

Students then learned the meaning behind many parliamentary phrases, before quizzing Mr Tomlinson on a number of issues.

Headteacher Adam Darley said: "It was lovely to welcome Michael back to the school, once again enthusing our students to be politically active.

"It was also interesting to hear his thoughts on school funding which has been an issue that is of considerable concern to all schools.

"Dorset remains one of the most poorly funded educational areas in the country and it was good to see Michael recognise this in his answers.

"I look forward to him campaigning on our behalf in the future."

Meanwhile, Sixth Form head Debs Rayner said: "The whole experience has definitely inspired many students to take a greater interest in politics."