RESIDENTS in East Dorset said they were kept awake at the weekend because of noise coming from a student event.

The SUBU Summer Ball was held at Bournemouth Sports Club at Chapel Gate on Saturday night.

The event, which takes place annually, featured music across eight stages with music from the likes of Kurupt FM, Shy Fx and Dynamite MC and High Contrast.

It is described as "the biggest date in every Bournemouth University student's calendar."

Ralph Johns, who lives in Ferndown, said: "My son has an app on his phone and he could hold it outside the front door and it was able to identify the tunes.

"We tried phoning the police just before 9pm but they just said they couldn't do anything as it was a publicised event."

Mr Johns said his wife reported the noise to Environmental Health.

One woman from Ferndown who contacted the Echo described the noise as “horrendous” and said that her young grandchildren were unable to sleep.

She said the noise eventually stopped at around 2am.

She added: “Whatever next should be out of the way away from residents.”

While another Ferndown resident called the noise "excessive" and said the bass coming from the event could be heard over her television.