THE poisoning of three mature Scots Pine trees on the West Cliff Green, which were discovered two years ago, has resulted also I believe in the poisoning of the local community and unity amongst residents.

The perpetrators who calculatingly orchestrated the poisoning over a long period of time have never been brought to justice.

But it is a sad reflection that some residents have such short memories by the fact that they dismiss the seriousness of the deed and want nothing short of removing protective fencing around the replacement trees, grass mowed to resemble bowling green standard and bushes cut back accordingly.

When the criminal damage occurred it was relayed to me by many local residents and others, in my then capacity as Chairman of the West Cliff Green Residents Association, that there must be a motive as to why the trees were targeted and the usual incentive would be to improve a view in order to enhance property valuation and selfish gain.

The law is now catching up with persons who commit such criminal acts and in neighbouring Poole, a person who cut down a tree to achieve a better view and enhance his property value was fined.

The West Cliff Green is an important part of Bournemouth's natural heritage and should be preserved as such.

Anything short of this would be giving the green light that residents can do exactly what they want irrespective of the law and what has been there for a hundred years or more.


Durley Gardens, Bournemouth