YOUR correspondent, Stuart Flemming, is " hugely encouraged that the new BCP political set up truly represents the largest possible number of people in our area". What rubbish.

How can it possibly represent all of the people when, in a so-called coalition there is no cabinet representation of the largest party (the Tories) representing the largest number of people, the residents of Bournemouth.

Instead we have the remnants of the old Lib Dems and a crew of odd, newly formed groups of inexperienced councillors.

No doubt Bournemouth will now truly become what it was meant to be, when pushed into Dorset from Hampshire, the cash cow for the area.

Hopefully the people of Bournemouth will return to sanity and vote this lot out of office at the earliest possible moment.

I am so glad I retired and will not have to take any part in this fiasco of democracy.


ex-councillor, Bushey Road, Bournemouth