THE Brexit Party has won the South West region in the European Parliament elections, reflecting the national picture as it stands this evening.

The pro-Brexit party won 611,742 votes across the region, 36.7 per cent of the vote. In second place, again reflecting the national picture as it stands, the Liberal Democrats picked up 385,095 votes – a share of 23.1 per cent.

The Green Party was third with 302,364 votes, 18.1 per cent, while the Conservatives and Labour both suffered humiliating losses locally and nationally, as predicted by the polls.

The region's new MEPs are Ann Widdecombe (Brexit), Caroline Voaden (Lib Dem), James Glancy (Brexit), Molly Scott Cato (Green), Christina Jordan (Brexit) and Martin Horwood (Lib Dem).

Brexit Party candidate James Glancy said his party's victory was "the third people's vote we have had".

"We are standing up for democracy in the UK," he told the Echo.

"There was a very clear vote in 2016 to leave the EU, the manifestos of the two main parties pledged to leave.

"Now the Brexit Party, a party registered just six weeks ago, looks like it is going to win.

"This is a clear message to Westminster, we have to act together to deliver the result of the referendum."

Liberal Democrat Caroline Voaden told the Echo: "We have been unequivocal in our message, we don't want Brexit to happen, and people have heard that who are struggling to understand the Labour position on Brexit.

"The votes for the Liberal Democrats and Greens across the country show that millions of people don't want Brexit."

Molly Scott Cato said: "It will be great to be able to make a change on the environmental issues that people care about.

"I think there is a new level of environmental consciousness, particularly with climate change and with the problems we have got with the loss of species and wildlife in our countryside.

"It is going to be so exciting to be part of parliament and sit with the Green group there."

Turnout across the UK was just below 37 per cent, far below the roughly 50 per cent on the continent.

Turnout for the BCP Council area was 35.93 per cent. For the Dorset Council area it was 41.14 per cent.

South West: Brexit 611,742 Lib 385,095 Green 302,364 Con 144,674 Lab 108,100 Ukip 53,739 Change UK 46,612 English Democrats 8,393 Neville Seed, Ind 3,383 Larch Maxey, Ind 1,772 Mothiur Rahman, Ind 755 BCP Council: Brexit 42,179 Lib 21,389 Green 15,205 Con 8,555 Lab 5,591 Ukip 3,863 Change UK 3,244 English Democrats 541 Neville Seed, Ind 189 Larch Maxey, Ind 134 Mothiur Rahman, Ind 37 Dorset Council: Brexit 50,163 Lib 26,789 Green 17,843 Con 12,076 Lab 4,728 Ukip 4,253 Change UK 2,946 English Democrats 559 Neville Seed, Ind 177 Larch Maxey, Ind 97 Mothiur Rahman, Ind 63