NETFLIX star and comic Daniel Sloss is at Boscombe’s O2 Academy tomorrow night. Daniel has two Netflix specials currently airing – one of which is said to be responsible for the break-up of over 25,000 couples – and has a record-creaking amount of appearances on US TV’s Conan. We asked him a few questions...

What’s is your show X about? Come and see it. You know those funny movies where all the funny bits are in the trailer? I can’t run the risk of being the comedy equivalent of that. It’s a funny show. It’s my best show yet. But if you’re easily offended then please go away forever. My comedy isn’t even that offensive, but it’s still best you just stay in and watch Strictly. Please.

Tell us about your Netflix deal? It was a huge moment for me. It was literally 5 years in the making and I’d lost a lot of faith that it was going to happen. Then right when I’d fully given up on it, they gave me it. The moral of the story? Give up on your dreams sooner.

DARK is me explaining why my sense of humour is seen as dark. And Jigsaw is my love letter to single people that “accidentally” broke up 25,000+ couples and led to over 80 divorces.

Are there are any topics that should be completely avoided in comedy? Nothing is off limits in comedy. At all. Ever. If you think otherwise you don’t belong in comedy. There are some subjects that I absolutely will not tackle, and that’s because I don’t have an experience in them and my voice isn’t the right voice to talk or joke about it. But that doesn’t mean other, better versed, comedians shouldn’t be able to talk or joke about. I chose to avoid topics not because I’m scared of them, but because my opinion on them doesn’t matter.