THE proposed cycle lanes and crossings for Dunyeats Road in Broadstone are a complete waste of the precious little money Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole Council will be spending on cycling provision in the coming years.

A simple closing of the road just east of Upper Golf Links Road (still allowing walking, cycling and emergency vehicles) would transform Dunyeats Road into a road suitable for use to access multiple schools and shops.

In fact, look at the area in Google Maps. Blocking Dunyeats Road to through traffic will only really be inconvenient for people travelling directly between Oakley and Broadstone. And only a minor inconvenience at that! Most of the traffic is just passing through Broadstone and can easily find alternative routes.

BCP Council is NOT committed to putting cycling and walking first. We need to make bold changes in order to even start along the path to having roads safe enough for children to use.


Cowper Road, Bournemouth