NIGEL Farage is certainly value for money. Question Time, Andrew Marr, radio talk show… The audience get their pounds per punch as he takes on “the enemies of the people”. These enemies now include the BBC and any media outlet that questions his view, expressed vicariously through the new Brexit Party. If it was a sitcom it would be brilliant…. but sadly it isn’t.

The party with no policy, other than leaving the EU, will possibly be the protest of choice in the elections this week. The leader who responds to questions about his policy statements with bluster, fluster and swagger could be our next majority leader in the EU, but we know nothing of his intentions on health, education, security and budget.

When questioned on his past statements, he rails and rallies with injured indignation, attacking the questioner rather than addressing the substantive argument. We are left with only the Farage UKIP record to base our decision upon. What did the UKIP insurgency deliver for the United Kingdom in the Farage quarter of a century as a non-politician? What policy decisions or proposals were carried through? What, other than appalling attendance, did our semi-retired Nigel contribute? Where did we get our value for the £6,000 per month plus £4,000 expenses?

A vote against the government is necessary but be careful what you wish for. A party who are too scared to publish their policies is not a protest, it is the start of the abandonment of accountability. This is a tactic used by many in the past. “If you tell the lie loud enough and often enough, it becomes accepted as the truth.”

This time it isn’t even written on the side of a bus.

Farage and his cohort are not the answer to our problems, they are the problem and they do not deserve to represent us.

PHILIP EMMEL, Meadow Close, Sopley