A PLANNING application seeking permission to demolish one of the last houses in a Poole Road has been withdrawn.

AJ Developments submitted proposals to replace the

West Quay Road home with a block of 10 flats

and an office in February but withdrew them on Thursday.

Permission is already in place for a smaller development of the site which is surrounded by larger buildings the developer had argued that its newest plans made the “most efficient” use of the plot.

The 19th-century building was used as a bed and breakfast before being converted into a house and in recent years several applications to redevelop the site have been submitted.

Objections had been raised to the latest proposal about the scale of the development compared to the size of the land and about the provision of only two parking spaces.

Neighbour Pat Dodd said the proposed building was “simply too large” and that the development would cause “major” traffic disruption.

Concerns were also raised by the council’s new works engineer Steve Stace about the shortfall in parking spaces against its policy.

The council would usually require three parking spaces for the office and nine for the flats.

A planning statement submitted with application acknowledged there would be a shortfall but said the close proximity of shops and services made it “acceptable”.

However, Mr Stace said that “even in the most sustainable locations” people will typically own a car.

“The proposal fails to provide sufficient onsite parking and could result in drivers taking short-term parking risks, drivers trawling the streets looking for parking and increase vehicle manoeuvring,” he said.

“As a result, the proposal will increase highway safety dangers and does not meet the aims of delivering safe and sustainable development.”

The planning application was withdrawn by AJ Developments on Thursday.