A FIRE juggler in Bournemouth town centre has been investigated by council officer, following safety concerns lodged by a member of the public.

The juggler was reported by a resident who thought he was performing without safety requirements in place.

BCP targeted enforcement manager Sophie Ricketts said: "Fire juggling is a form of busking, those practising must ensure they adhere to certain conditions to ensure public safety.

"We received a complaint regarding the fire juggler, this was investigated by one of our community safety accredited officers.

"A suitable cordon, insurance and extinguishers were in place.’’

A BCP Council spokesman said members of the public are urged to report any concerns about street performers via email to epic.reporting@bcpcouncil.gov.uk, or in person to a member of the uniformed CSAS staff who patrol the town centre.

The spokesman said: "These can be investigated. Enforcement action is available and will be used where required."